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Our company established in 2018 is an enterprise associated with Taizhan Group.
Application of low-friction metallic alloy using HiVac plasma technology is our main business in order to provide the high-quality industrial technical services and products to our customers. At present, the main products are medical devices, metal molds, drills, and more. The important characteristics of our metallic alloy can decrease the friction effectively and increase the durability of devices/components. These characteristics thus provide added-values to our customers’ products.

Sino MG team has many well-known and knowledgeable experts in various fields. We have accomplished great results in processing low-friction metallic alloy with HiVac plasma, including the application of nanotechnology, amorphous productions and HiVac plasma synthesis technology and so on. Also, these technologies have received supports at home and abroad and won various awards.

Low-friction metallic alloy is the mainstream trend in the future, and its application range is extremely wide. Based on the current medical devices industry, our company continues to develop functional products effectively. Hope one day we can lead the medical industry.
  • ISO13485 Medical devices Quality management systems standards

  • ISO13485 Medical devices Quality management systems standards

Advanced technology Complete equipment

Our company has the clean room of latest technology and production line of independent design. Let thenew technology of low friction metallic alloy with HiVac plasma into mass production and successfully commercialized.

Low friction metallic alloy synthetic product

Let completely commercialized low friction metallic alloy synthetic product face customers, making Blue Ocean products more face-to-face products.

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